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How To Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger?

When it comes to engagement rings, there is no denying that size does matter.  The good news is that there are a number of different ways to maximize the appearance of your ring without breaking the bank. Incorporating some thoughtful design elements can make any diamond engagement ring appear bigger and more brilliant.

We have put together a few tricks to help you get the larger look you want for your diamond engagement ring without going overboard on your budget.

Choose Diamond Shapes Wisely 

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a diamond engagement ring is the shape of the stone. While round-cut diamonds are certainly the most popular, elongated shapes trick the eye into thinking the diamond is bigger than it actually is. Fancy-cut diamonds like pear, marquise, and emerald-cut diamonds generally look bigger for their carat weight and add extra uniqueness to the ring. 

Incorporate a Halo Setting 

Elevate the brilliance of the center stone by surrounding it with several diamond accents. A ring of tiny diamonds not only adds some extra sparkle, but also gives an appearance of increased size and volume. When strategically packed closely together, these little diamonds create an illusion of a single large stone. Double and triple halos add even more size and sparkle! 

Opt For White Metal 

Something to be mindful of when choosing a ring, is the setting of the stone. Opting for a white metal like white gold or platinum can significantly enhance the appearance of your diamond. The reflective surface of these metals mirrors the sparkle, visually amplifying the size of the stone. 

Slim Bands Are Key 

Band thickness is one of the most significant factors in how big the diamond on your ring looks. While thicker bands tend to overshadow the diamond, making it look smaller, thin bands create an illusion of size. By setting your stone in a thin, delicate band, you’re allowing the diamond to be noticed first.

Consult a Pro

Lastly, the best way to ensure the biggest diamond look possible, is to work with an experienced jeweller who can navigate you through the design process. At Lumi Jewelry, we can customize a design that will maximize the impressiveness of your ring without going over your budget. Be sure to contact us today to start work on your custom, unique engagement ring handmade in Toronto.




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