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Choosing the Most Romantic Way to Pop the Question

Deciding that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner is a wonderful feeling. You’ve found your soulmate and you want to make that commitment official. So, now it’s to get down on one knee to offer your love one of the best engagement rings Toronto has to offer.

The problem is, now you have the perfect ring, how do you find the most romantic way to pop the question? Well there’s a lot of options out there for a memorable proposal, the key is finding the right one for you both. Especially when you want a romantic story that you’ll be telling both your children and grandchildren in the future, you just need to pick the perfect one for you.

Here are just a few of the most romantic ways you can pop the question to your beloved:

Pop the Question on Holiday

Holidays are wonderful. Not only are you escaping the stress of our daily lives, such as work and bills, but you get to indulge in all your favorite activities. Which is what makes it a perfect time to propose, as you’re both relaxed and happy. Committing to spending the rest of your lives together will just be the icing on the (wedding) cake.

No matter where you go on holiday, there are a multitude of locations there that you can use for a romantic proposal. Just because you’re not jetting off to one of the world’s most romantic destinations, such as Paris or Venice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t propose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just spending the weekend away at a hotel not too far from home, holidays are a special time and are perfect for a proposal. Whether it’s on the beach at sunset or sitting at the top of a Big Wheel at a fair, everywhere on holiday makes for romance. Just make sure you pack that ring, you don’t want to be that person who planned a romantic proposal without the engagement rings!

Pop the Question at Your Favorite Restaurant

Every couple has a favorite restaurant. It might be the place where you had your first date or it might be somewhere that serves food you both love, such as sushi or steak. Whatever your reason for loving that restaurant, this is a place that is special for you both. Plus, since it’s somewhere you both visit regularly, it can make for the perfect surprise.

Contact the restaurant beforehand and tell them your plans. They’ll be able to plan with you to ensure your evening is both romantic and perfect in every way, which includes getting one of the best tables in the venue!

You may want to wait till dessert, where the chefs could write the question down on a plate in chocolate. Or, if you’re particularly nervous, order bubbly at the start of the night (with the ring in the glass!) and then celebrate the night with delicious food.

Pop the Question Doing Your Hobbies

Perhaps you both love to go hiking or running; maybe you both love going to the bookstore to add your reading collection. Whatever hobby you both have as a couple, makes for a romantic and personal proposal.

Get down on one knee at the live show of a band you both love or, add a proposal into a game of Dungeons and Dragons – there are endless opportunities. The romance here comes from choosing a special time for you both and then committing to marriage.

Pop the Question at Home

When you start planning a proposal, many of us get stressed trying to think of the most romantic location. Actually, though, some of the most romantic proposals can happen right in your own home.

Instead of going on holiday or out to dinner, surprise your partner with a romantic night in. Decorate your home with flowers, balloons, candles – anything that will add to the mood. You can even make a romantic dinner for you both.

If you have children, get them involved too. As, at the end of the day, you’re making a commitment to them too! You could even get the pets involved, after all, there’s absolutely nothing cuter than a dog or cat with a little box attached to their collar. You can even train them to carry your wedding bands down the aisle!

No matter how you choose to propose to your partner, the real romance comes from how personal you make it. It doesn’t matter if you’re popping the question in the Eiffel Tower or in your kitchen, it’s the words that you choose that make this occasion so special.


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